Instrument Repair Services in Grayslake, IL

When your instrument isn’t working right or needs professional service and repairs, the Music Source offers professional instrument repair services for a wide range of instruments. From guitar repair to services for percussion and other types of instruments in Grayslake, IL, you can count on the Music Source.

Music is something that is not only universal, but it is also universally loved. Our staff at the Music Source also shares the joy and love of music, and we look forward to sharing that joy and passion with you through music lessons taught to musicians by musicians. When those instruments we rely on need repairs, tuning, or replacement to continue making that beautiful music, you need the Music Source.

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Instrument Repair Services and More

If you are a musician in the Grayslake area and need help with your instrument, we invite you to visit the Music Source for all your instrument repair services. It doesn’t matter if you need guitar repair services or help with another type of instrument, from repairs, cleaning, and restringing, our technicians have over 35 years of repair experience.

Don’t let a broken or out-of-tune instrument keep you from making the music you love, and find the repairs and sound you want at the Music Source. If you need help with your instrument, from lessons to repairs, to tuning, cleaning, or parts, we can help.

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For All Your Instrument Repairs and Services

If you are a musician, we understand how important your instrument is to you. And at the Music Source, we are here to help you and your instrument to get back in tune with all the instrument repairs and services you need to keep making great music.

Instruments for Sale at the Music Source

Music Source is your ultimate destination for all things related to musical instruments and accessories. With a wide range of offerings, including electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric bass guitars, mandolins, and ukuleles, musicians of all genres can find their perfect instrument here. But Music Source doesn’t stop at just instruments – we also stock a diverse selection of amps, pedals, distortion pedals, drum sticks, and guitar straps, catering to the needs of both beginners and seasoned professionals. Whether you’re looking to create a mesmerizing melody or unleash a mind-bending riff, Music Source provides the tools you need to make your musical aspirations a reality. With top-notch quality and an array of options, Music Source is the go-to destination for musicians seeking top-tier equipment and accessories.

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Contact us at the Music Source for all your instrument repair and service needs or to make an appointment to get your instrument repaired today.

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