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Instrument Service & Repair

Instruments are no small investment, but when you take the time to have them properly serviced and repaired, they can last for years—even decades! At Music Source, we want to help you keep your instruments in pristine condition and performing for you for years and years to come. That’s why we offer a variety of different service and repair options for various instruments. In addition to guitar repairs we also service PA systems, amps and speakers (at this time we do not service wireless systems). Have a woodwind instrument that needs repairs? Please bring it into our repair shop our experts are happy to help.

Guitar Setup

When you purchase a guitar from Music Source, you’re guaranteed a quality instrument that’s ready to perform to its full potential. Not only do we tune every guitar as soon as we receive it from the manufacturer, but we also take every possible measure to ensure that the instrument is in pristine shape at the time of purchase.

Guitar Repairs

Our expert repair technicians and luthiers have over 40 years of combined experience in guitar repair and restoration. We provide free estimates, and all repairs are done in our store. Plus, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Full-Service Repairs

  • Band Instruments
  • Woodwind Instruments
  • Electronic Repairs
  • PA System repair
  • Amplifier Repair

Music Source Basic Setup

Any acoustic instrument can benefit from our basic set up which includes:

  • Restring
  • Polishing frets
  • Oiling fretboards
  • Tightening and oiling tuners
  • Restringing and tuning
  • Neck adjustment
  • Action adjustment at nut and saddles
  • Basic intonation
  • Cleaning and polishing

Advanced Repairs

Any guitar with electronics will perform at its peak after using our any of our advanced repair services which includes:

  • Checking electronics
  • Spraying pots
  • Fixing cold solder joints
  • Strobe intonation

Acoustic/Electric Repairs

  • New Nut (Bone)
  • New Nut (pre-cut plastic)
  • Tuner Replacement
  • Fret Level, Crown, and Polish
  • Re-Fret (partial or full)
  • Diagnosis of Electronic Problems
  • Jack Replacement

Electric Repairs

  • Volume/Tone Pot Replacement
  • Pickup Replacement/Install
  • Pickup Routing

Our Technicians

Chip Jurkovac – For over 30 years, Chip has been working professionally on guitar construction, restoration and repair. His career began at Dean Guitars back in 1980 where he worked in all phases of guitar construction. At Hamer Guitars (1986-1988), Chip gained valuable experience in their finishing department. Since 1988, Chip has built himself an excellent reputation as an independent master guitar repair technician in the northern Chicago suburbs. He has thousands of very satisfied customers! He shares his time between area Music Stores, including Music Source. For over 15 years, we’ve been very fortunate to have Chip on site with us each week in our repair department. His 30+ years of experience and expertise give us the confidence we need when we say that you can entrust your valuable instruments with us.