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Performance Based Lessons

Music Source presents “The Source of Rock” master classes, a performance based program designed to immerse students in the full experience of being in a live performing band. Students will enroll in three month semesters and be grouped and matched with other students based on skill level, age, and musical style. Many options will be available including: Rock, Metal, Pop, Classical Ensemble, Jazz, String Ensemble, Suzuki Violin Class, and Bluegrass just to name a few. Enrollees will be trained as a group to perform real live shows in the area. The program is designed to help students to understand the group environment and to operate as a unit rather than as individual musicians. Teamwork, support, and practice with other musicians are all emphasized in this learning environment. The program helps to bolster confidence, musical ability and friendships.

Performance based lessons are intended to be a fun, affordable way to develop team skills in a unique style of learning. All our teachers have extensive experience playing in bands, ensembles and musical groups, and this experience is what allows the students to grow in a group setting. One of the biggest advantages of our group program is that students will perform to live audiences.

Playing in a group is very important to the growth of a student and their musical ability. This program will help students with musical interpretation on a deeper level and with communication between musicians. As the students continue with private lessons they can continue to learn and grow individually. They can then take the new skills they have learned and integrate them into a group setting. These groups help the students to stay motivated and excited to learn and apply new concepts and ideas.

Schedules, Fees, and Format

Students will enroll in a three month semester at the cost of $414 per semester and will include three classes per month. Classes will be an hour long and at the end of the semester students will perform at least one live performance at a local venue. Concurrent enrollment in one-on-one lessons must be maintained in order to be eligible for these performance groups.